Postdoc position on 'the Completeness of the Fossil Record' (0.8 - 1.0 FTE)

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28 tot 40
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Faculteit Geowetenschappen
GEO / Dept AW
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地球科学系“MindTheGap:量化地层记录的完整性及其在重建演化节奏和模式中的作用”项目招聘博士后研究员, Utrecht University. 该项目弥合了现代对沉积学和定量地层学的理解与基于化石记录的演化重建之间的分歧. 尽管十大正规体育平台有大量的证据表明,通过确定哪些时间间隔和环境被选择性地保存下来,地质地层结构严重地覆盖了十大正规体育平台的重建, evolutionary biology has not, until now, exploited our knowledge of this structure. The project team will combine models of stochastic sedimentation, astronomical forcing, 以及沉积和成岩自组织来创建碳酸盐岩台地的3D模型.

这个项目旨在回答达尔文已经提出的问题:由于岩石记录的缺失,十大正规体育平台错过了物种的哪一部分? Are the preserved intervals exceptional or representative? 生物多样性和环境记录中是否有系统的部分总是处于空白状态? 

Your tasks will be:

  • 利用Matlab数值正演模拟生成碳酸盐岩台地的地层体系结构;
  • in collaboration with the team (including a software engineer), 引入碳酸盐沉积重要参数的正演模型的发展
  • based on the simulations, 创建与形成地层的驱动因素相对应的地层体系结构集合;
  • 与团队中的博士候选人合作,将这些架构与R Software开发的进化模型耦合起来;
  • together with the team, 实现了基于集成中编制的地层体系结构定量特征的驱动识别方法;
  • to participate in public engagement, for example through public talks, 科普写作或创建教育应用程序,以传达项目的发现;
  • to contribute to building a scientific team, which will include engaging BSc, 硕士和实习学生在项目内进行的研究,通过个人和小组反馈轮,通过贡献设计他们的项目和支持他们的解释.

You will be based at Utrecht University, while the project foresees travel for training, research collaboration, and meeting with project partners. 你的培训和发展将在项目的早期阶段商定,然后监控和, where necessary, adjusted at least once per year following our regular Assessment & Development cycle.

该职位由授予Emilia Jarochowska的ERC启动拨款项目资助, including research, travel and publication expenses to support the postdoctoral project. 项目团队包括国际合作者David De Vleeschouwer (Münster大学), Rachel Warnock (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)和Peter Burgess(利物浦大学)将包括地球科学系的一名博士生和一名软件工程师.


The ideal candidate has the following qualifications:

  • a PhD degree in Sedimentology, Earth Sciences, Marine Geology or related field at the start of the position;
  • 为地质科学目的独立使用数值模拟的经验文件(任何编程环境);
  • demonstrated familiarity with marine carbonate sedimentology (e.g. previous courses or research projects);
  • 优秀的2022世界杯押注app书面和口头表达能力,具有在国际团队中工作的高度积极性.

Desired qualifications include:

  • familiarity with astrochronology;
  • basic knowledge of palaeontology or evolutionary biology (e.g. completed course, internship, previous collaboration or similar);
  • a good command of R Software;
  • familiarity with carbonate diagenesis.



We offer a temporary position (0.8 - 1.0 FTE) for one year in an international working environment. 经积极评价后,有可能延长至最多总共4年. 总工资——根据之前的资格和经验——在3欧元之间,413 and €3,974 (scale 10.3 - 10.根据荷兰大学集体劳动协议,7个月)全职工作. 除了工资之外,还有8%的假期奖金和8%的年终奖金.3% per year.

In addition, Utrecht University offers excellent secondary conditions, including an attractive retirement scheme, (带薪)产假和灵活的雇佣条件(多项选择模式). For more information, please visit working at Utrecht University.

Over de organisatie

A better future for everyone. 这种雄心激励着十大正规体育平台的科学家们进行领先的研究和鼓舞人心的教学. At Utrecht University,各学科就主要社会课题展开紧密合作. 十大正规体育平台的重点是青年动态、开放社会机构、生命科学和可持续性.

Utrecht University's Faculty of Geosciences studies the Earth: from the Earth's core to its surface, 包括人类对地球的空间和物质利用——始终关注可持续性和创新. With 3,400 students (BSc and MSc) and 720 staff, the Faculty is a strong and challenging organisation. 地球科学系由四个系组成:地球科学系、人文地理系 & Spatial Planning, Physical Geography, and Sustainable Development.

The Department of Earth Sciences 在固体地球和环境地球科学的各个领域进行教学和研究, with activities in almost all areas of geology, geochemistry, geophysics, biogeology and hydrogeology. 本系拥有高度国际化的终身教职人员50多名,博士生和博士后研究员110多名. Our research programme spans four intertwined themes: Climate & Life, Earth interior, Earth materials, and Environmental Earth Sciences. We house or have access to a wide variety of world-class laboratories.

Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands with a population of nearly 360,000 and forms a hub in the middle of the country. 从十大正规体育平台科学园乘坐公共交通工具或骑15分钟自行车就能轻松到达古城中心和现代中央车站. 十大正规体育平台拥有美丽的运河,非凡的码头地窖住房cafés和水边的梯田, as well as a broad variety of shops and boutiques. 

Aanvullende informatie

For more information about this position, please contact dr. Emilia Jarochowska (project leader) via


Everyone deserves to feel at home at our university. We welcome employees with a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives.


评估和在线面试计划在12月上半月(5-16日)进行. The intended starting date is February 1, 2023 or a.s.a.p. thereafter.

请注意,需要荷兰签证/工作许可的国际候选人在选择和接受后需要至少4个月的处理时间. This will be arranged with help of the International Service Desk (ISD) of our university. Finding appropriate housing in or near Utrecht is your own responsibility, but the ISD may be able to advise you therewith. 关于在荷兰工作和生活的一般问题,请咨询 Dutch Mobility Portal.

Online screening may be part of the selection. Commercial response to this ad is not appreciated.

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